ASANA As the third limb of yoga, Asana is the physical practice of moving through the postures. Each class will be just a little bit different and will move you through a series of poses while linking breath to movement.

ASTANGA In the astanga vinyasa system, postures are linked together by flowing movement (vinyasa). The joining of the vinyasa with the gaze (drsti), the breath (pranayama) and the energy “locks” (bandha) is a powerful discipline for cultivating physical, mental and spiritual health. The practice cleanses, stretches and strengthens the body as well as focuses and calms the mind.

INVERSIONS This class will focus on breathing from another perspective as you take your practice upside down. You can expect strong supervision and heavy partner work to ensure that everyone is safe and successful. All levels welcome.

MYSORE This is a traditional Astanga class completed at your own pace. As a self-led practice, you will move through the series according to your own ability. Once you roll out your mat, you can begin the practice and enjoy your own spiritual journey while the instructors give adjustments as needed.

SLOW FLOW Emphasis is on proper alignment, building strength & flexibility, gaining understanding of the systems (physical, energetic, mental, spiritual), and blending yoga into your daily life.  This class is a wonderful time to pause, open, rejuvenate, and energize!

YOGA NIDRA Otherwise known as “Yoga Sleep,” this practice involves stilling both the mind and body. While you lie on your mat, you will enjoy a guided mediation that will take you into a deep state of bliss. This relaxation practice is known for releasing anxiety and tension.