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There is no time like the present to join our Teacher Training Program! Our Authentic Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT) offers a program that truly fits YOUR schedule. Classes are offered on an ongoing, rotating basis throughout the year. You choose the topics, times and dates that work in your schedule, in order to accumulate 200 or 300 contact hours within 12 months. Regular classes are offered throughout the year, PLUS four times a year (January, April, July and October) we offer an “intensive schedule,” which provides a minimum of 75 hours of training per week. Most students complete either the 200- or 300-Hour program in six-to-nine months, but you do have 12 full months from the date you begin to complete all your hours. Click here for more information.

  Our studio at it's core, offers practice, teaching and philosophy based on presenting students with direct experience.  We serve the individual student by presenting methods that allow each student to see through the workings of our own minds, to ground our experience in the present moment, and to develop a clear and compassionate understanding of the ideas and beliefs which support how we live our daily lives.  A fundamental aim of the teaching at Dave’s Astanga Yoga is for us all to keep an open mind  --  there is no dogma here.  We both honor and refresh the traditions of the astanga vinyasa system, making the practice applicable and accessible all.  We encourage students to read, to contemplate, to question.  We encourage students to experience other traditions and lineages to challenge, to critique and to refine our physical practice, to expand our minds, and to open our hearts.

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Articles on Yoga

Summer AYTT Intensive

It’s a Great Time To Start Your Yoga Teacher Training Program!




Our summer teacher training intensive is August 1st thru 17th!  You can complete your entire RYT during this time or just begin your path to completing 200 or 500 hours. Please read on to learn more about it! (more…)

Can Beginners Practice Astanga Vinyasa Yoga???

By Beri Golding

yoga down dog

YES! Astanga Vinyasa yoga is kind of the grand-daddy of the power/flow yoga worlds of modern day. Astanga however is a pre formatted style practice (which for beginners can in fact be a comforting component.


A Brief History of Astanga Vinyasa Yoga

By Beri Golding

As a history major in college and a recovering “perfectionist” few things can be quite as frustrating as trying to find precise factual evidence regarding the history of yoga.

yoga sri k pattabhi jois


Massage Therapy is Preventative Medicine

By Donna Theobald

yoga Sports-Massage2-404x239

Massage therapy is an excellent tool in maintaining a healthy body, or returning an injured  body back to health.  New research  is spurring doctors and insurance companies to include therapeutic massage in their list of treatments as it has been shown as an alternative to steroid injections, pain killers and surgery. (more…)

Yoga Class Etiquette

By Beri Golding

According to the Oxford dictionary, etiquette is defined as the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group. When we practice yoga, we are practicing a system designed to guide us on the path to enlightenment. The yamas and niyamas comprise the first two limbs of astanga yoga as well as offer the ethical foundation for the practice. (more…)

Yoga For Sleep

By Beri Golding

yoga sava

One of the first indicators for any sign of mental dis-ease is sleep. Trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or even certain dream states can limit how restful our slumber is. A complete night of sleep is essential for our health and overall well being.


yoga stretch

Yoga for Weight Loss

By Beri Golding

Always an item that is up for debate is whether or not yoga is an effective exercise modality to support weight loss. Most exercise scientists will argue that yoga does not offer enough cardio to support calorie burning which is the bottom line in any weight loss program. (more…)

Make the Most of Your Yoga Practice

The word “yoga” is derived from the sanskrit root yuj, which means “to yoke” or “to join” in practice it is the harmonizing of the body and mind. While marriage is seen as the joining of two people, yoga is a kind of marriage or union that happens within. In the astanga spirit, here are 8 vows of the yogic union.


1.) Honor thy breath: Your breath is your most immediate indicator of your body’s energy which naturally affects both the physical and mental aspects of your being. (more…)

Teaching From the Heart

By Beri Golding

During the January Authentic Yoga Teacher Training Intensive, I offered a workshop entitled “Teaching From the Heart.” In contemplating what kind of workshop I wanted to offer, I reminisced on my 200 hour teacher training experience in January 2007. (more…)

yoga adjustment

How to receive an adjustment

a small change that improves something or makes it work better
a change that makes it possible for a person to do better or work better in a new situation

parsvottonasana adjustment

 One of the most delicious and delicate aspects of the asana component of the practice of yoga comes in the form of an adjustment. Adjustments have the power to steady a trembling tree pose, turn a hesitant handstand into an empowering inverted experience, and provide reassurance in a restful child’s pose; essentially they can provide a compliment to any and every posture.



Free Your Backbend

Free Your Backbend.  Simple tips and opening exercises to make backbending more comfortable (and anatomically correct).

The term “backbending” is almost deceptive because the essence of back bending postures is in activating the energy, strength and mobility of the spine- a process which calls for whole body (and mind) effort and attention. Backbends not only strengthen and lengthen the entire spine, but they also encourage the heart to lift and open. In some cases the heart has a chance to lift above the head, a concept as well as a feeling that can be extremely intimidating at first… until, intimidation yields to liberation. (more…)


Who is Patanjali?

Who is this Patanjali guy, anyway? A brief introduction to the author of the yoga sutras, Patanjali, the “godfather” of yoga.

Like many elements of the history of the ancient practice of yoga, there is a great deal of ambiguity regarding Patanjali, a most important figure in the story of the growth and development of the science and art of yoga. Almost everything about Patanjali is unknown, in fact, estimates about his birth and life can vary by a millennium. (more…)